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Healthgrades is America's #1 way to find and connect with a doctor.    For advertisers, this provides an opportunity to reach the nearly 1 million health-motivated visitors each day at the critical moment before they discuss treatment options with their doctors.

The Right Audience Right Before a Doctor Visit.  Healthgrades visitors are the most action-oriented health consumers on the web.  More than 50% will make an appointment with a doctor within a week following their visit.   Healthgrades’ best-in-class targeting abilities enable advertisers to reach their target audience at this pivotal time.

Content That Drives More Meaningful Doctor Discussions.  Healthgrades also prepares consumers for their doctor visits with best-in-class editorial content and tools. Our editorial solutions are syndicated to reach an even larger audience of health-interested consumers in their trusted environments. These solutions are proven to drive more frequent and meaningful treatment discussions.

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Recent Press Releases
Healthgrades Strengthens Digital Capabilities

The acquisition of COCG, an integrated digital marketing firm, will help Healthgrades continue to meet the growing needs of its hospital clients as they seek to leverage Healthgrades multi-channel platform to engage consumers and physicians.

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Healthgrades Launches New Search Platform for Finding the Right Doctor to Meet Specific Health Needs

Denver, Colo. (October 21, 2014) — Healthgrades today launched a new search experience to help consumers make smarter health care choices based on knowledge, not chance.

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Healthgrades Launches New Cold and Flu Center to Educate and Keep Consumers Healthy this Fall

Healthgrades announced the launch of its new Cold and Flu Center at, designed to provide consumers with actionable information to stay healthy this Fall, just in time for cold and flu season. 

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